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Siyaya Electrical electricianSiyaya Electrical currently provides services for Construction sites, Industrial, Commercial and Domestic installation.

Due to our extensive experience and networks we provide a unique service, whether it be discreet or visible. Experience includes electricity faults, concepts and special events.

Our direct experience includes refrigeration, access, agrees control systems and our relationship with preferred suppliers for technology specific requirements allow the company to offer specialized services.


In-house assistance with professional, comprehensive and discreet investigations if required; in addition Siyaya Electrical has formed an investigation network and preferred supplier status with reputable companies whilst also continuously interacting with various law enforcement agencies.

Our innovative strategy systems and secure preferred networks, ensure our competitive advantages for services ranging from small, medium to national events with trained and qualified personnel, utilized for the job.



The senior management and supervisory experience within the company are extremely vast exceeding a combined year in total as a company. We firmly believe our employees are an asset and the success of any service delivery relies largely on the management level.

Supervision of Siyaya Electrical has various communication platforms in place to ensure open and transparent communication via the likes of employee representatives forums, grievance procedures, and employee trust representatives; ensuring the attention of personnel at all times.

Service Quality

Siyaya Electrical strives for excellence and continuous improvement and in so doing it is our policy to formulate quality management systems which is specifically aimed at each business partners unique requirements, rather than a generic approach of various initiatives and in conjunction with our business partners that are currently used. These range from core competency modules including identified effective area standards required and standards achieved together with corrective action to mystery, whereby independent consultant audits and submitted scorecards.

The company also utilizes a customer’s satisfaction questionnaire, to determine service standards which complements existing service level agreements used by business partners. This is focused on direct services delivery by personnel on ground management level and supervision levels. Also a member of the ECBSA.

Recruitment and selection

  • Educational requirements
  • Discipline
  • Screening & Vetting
  • Selection criteria
  • Training & Development

Minimum matric or a higher education is required together with client-specific training is provided with disciplinary codes formulated by labour relation consultants / coinciding with the latest LRA pre-employment reference checks.

  • Criminal record checks
  • ITC checks
  • Electrician skills

Preference is given to individuals with previous industry experience and residing within the service area. All staff members are functionally literate and satisfaction with communication skills in English, SIRA’s knowledge test, and registered with SIRA soft skills. Specialist training will be provided by outsourced consultants where applicable on management level.

Employee benefits

The company has committed a percentage of profit towards CSI initiatives with projects ranging from adherence to legislative requirements which are non-negotiable.

Objectives & standards

  • Management by objectives
  • Competence
  • Sobriety
  • Performance measurement
  • Vigilance
  • Supervision

Siyaya Electrical render the following services

  • Electrical installations & repairs
  • Electrical appliances
  • Refrigeration
  • Automatic  Gates

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